The Aircrew Association - INTERCOM, Autumn 2001, page 19

Keeping you better informed about Squadron Associations

We have for some time annually published our much appreciated listing of Squadron Associations etc. This was one of the duties of our late Registrar, Fred McMillan. Recently we have been looking at how we can maintain and improve this service, whilst at the same time saving some of the Registrar's time and the considerable cost involved in compilation and publication.

Those of you familiar with our ACA website may well have used the link to the British & Commonwealth Air Unit Register* website (BCAUR for short). This is a massive listing of all kinds of Royal Air Forces related associations which is regularly updated. It is maintained by Frank Haslam jr who is [then] an Associate Member of Surrey ACA and also [then] Editor of 207 Squadron RAF Association's newsletter and websites.

Two other connections: firstly, Frank Haslam Snr was shot down and evaded capture on Wesseling on 21/22 June 1944 when serving with 207 - he is an ACA member; secondly, one of those involved in the setting up of ACA's original listing was the late AVM David Dick, when 207's President.

Your Committee have gratefully accepted Frank's suggestion that we make fuller use of the British & Commonwealth Air Unit Register. Building on this we have contacted each branch as follows:

1. Our Branch and Squadron Associations details booklet will no longer be separately published:
- Branch details will be published annually in INTERCOM.
- The Squadron Associations information source will now be the BCAUR, which is accessible to all who are on the lnternet.

Points 2-5 deal with those who are not on the Internet and have no access to it through friends, relations or their local library:

2. For members who attend branch meetings but are not on the Internet, each branch is from now on asked to identify an attending member who is on the Internet and is willing to deal with requests for information on Associations by reference to the BCAUR website.

3. Branch meetings and newsletters should regularly remind members of this service.

4. For members who neither attend Branch meetings nor have access to the Internet, a telephone call to a local ACA Branch Secretary should put such members in touch with someone who can help them find an Association. This advice will be included in the Branch details which will be published annually in INTERCOM.

5. If a Branch has absolutely no one who is on the Internet, then it will be provided with a BCAUR printout once a year (and it is suggested that it finds a member who will come to meetings and is on the Internet, pronto).

If anyone finds that the Association (or information contact point) for their Squadron, Station, Wing, Training Unit, etc is not on the Register or its details need updating, then from now on please contact Frank Haslam, 56 Windfield, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 8UQ - preferably by email [via menu of BCAUR site]

Information about Reunions should still be sent to the Editor of INTERCOM, Ron Gadd.

Changes in Branch Details should still be notified to the ACA Secretary.

To view the Register either visit the ACA website and view Links or visit it via 207's websites portal on

We hope that this change will provide a better and more up to date service to members, as well as saving the ACA a considerable amount of time and money.

[* now RAFRA]