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For much of World War Two RAF Bomber Command was the only means of taking the war to Germany and brought immense heart not only to the home population but also to the millions suffering under the Nazi yoke in Occupied Europe.

Despite the huge sacrifice in lives lost, POWs, physical and mental injuries and lives shattered, there is, as yet, no national memorial in existence to those who served on Bomber Command, in particular those who lost their lives on operations or as groundcrew.

13 May 2010: A 3.5m permanent monument to the World War II heroes of RAF Bomber Command is to be built in central London.
Westminster Council gave permission for the open style pavilion at the Piccadilly entrance to Green Park.
The memorial, which should be built by 2012, will commemorate the 55,573 crew of Bomber Command, with an average age of 22, who were killed in World War II.
Bomber Command Association press release

Bomber Command Association and the Heritage Foundation

Bomber Command Association The Association is working with the Heritage Foundation's Appeal for the Bomber Command Memorial.

Heritage Foundation Robin Gibb CBE, President of the Heritage Foundation for 2008, is very committed to a Bomber Command Memorial and is working to support the Appeal for it.

How may I contribute to the Appeal? You may send a cheque to Douglas Radcliffe MBE, Secretary of The Bomber Command Association, RAF Museum, Grahame Park Way, Hendon, London. NW9 5LL.
Cheques should be made payable to The Bomber Command Memorial Appeal Fund.

Bomber Command Donations

Dying for a noble cause is not the worst thing,
being forgotten is.
Inscription on a Bomber Command Memorial in Buckinghamshire

Bomber Command Association

14 June 2008
Bomber Command Association AGM
David Graham, a Trustee of the Heritage Foundation, addressing the AGM, reported that some 160,000 had already been raised towards the Fund. He drew attention an article in that day's Times.

from Newsletter 55 Spring 2008, p5
Bomber Command Memorial: the Story so Far
The first meeting to discuss the proposal for a memorial to the 55,500 killed in Bomber Command in WWII took place earlier this year in the RAF Club. Our President, Sir Michael Beetham attended, along with David Graham, the Chairman of the Heritage Foundation, the Lord Taylor of Warwick and Robin Gibb.

Later in February filming and interviewing took place at the RAF Museum, Sir Michael Beetham and member John Nichol contributing to the requirements of the various interested Websites. We are pleased that Alec Lom of the Daily Telegraph pioneered the reason for a Bomber Command Memorial to their readership.

The Lord Selkirk, Lord Craig and Lord Mackie placed the memorial quest before the House, where it was well received, and we may be assured with the campaign gaining pace, we will be well represented.

On the first Sunday in March Sir Michael Beetham and Chairman, Tony Iveson, attended an evening dinner at Sonning, arranged by member Eileen Richards and with excellent entertainment by member Sally Hughes. This most successful evening ended with Sir Michael receiving a cheque for the memorial fund for 20,000.

The Memorial Committee was officially established on the 4th April at the Royal Air Force Museum. The next meeting will take place at the RAF Club this month. There will be a section of this newsletter dedicated to the memorial to keep members abreast of the latest developments.


22 May 2010 Exeter Express & Echo Lancaster pilot Mac takes aim at statue

21 May 2010 RAF News Bomber command memorial gets go-ahead

21 May 2010 Times On-line Aircrew memorial - There remain many in the country who respect the memories of the young men of the Second World War without apology

13 May 2010 Daily Telegraph Bomber Command: veterans celebrate after memorial approval

13 May 2010 Daily Telegraph D-day for Bomber Command Memorial

2 May 2010 Daily Telegraph Brown, Cameron and Clegg unite behind Bomber Command memorial

28 Feb 2010 BBC Remembering Flt Lt Cy Grant, Lancaster Navigator

12 Feb 2010 BBC Bomber Command: Still fighting

Bomber Command Memorial on Facebook

29 Nov 2009 Watch Robin's Bomber Command interview

26 Nov 2009 Daily Telegraph Former PoWs recreate Long March for Bomber Command Appeal

3 Nov 2009 Daily Telegraph Bomber Command memorial design unveiled

24 Nov 2009 Portsmouth Today Bomber Command veterans gather memorial backing

7 Sep 2009 RAF Benson annual families’ day raised money for the memorial

7 Sep 2009 BBC Bee Gees and bombers at Lord's

18 Aug 2009 Brammer takes win at the Richard Burns Memorial Rally 2009 - event at RAF Marham raises funds for the memorial

11 Aug 2009 Seventies pop star Jim Dooley saves the day

22 Jun 2009 Daily Telegraph Major exhibition to raise funds for Bomber Command
David Shepherd, one of the country's favourite living artists, is to stage a major exhibition of his work next week to raise funds for the Bomber Command memorial appeal.

17 Jun 2009 The Times Banquet: Bomber Command Memorial Fund

7 Jun 2009 Daily Telegraph RAF donates one-off Lancaster flight to Bomber Command Memorial Appeal

14 May 2009 Hansard Bomber Command Memorial

13 May 2009 RAF News Bomber Command Memorial Appeal including Banquet on 11 June

10 Apr 2009 Daily Telegraph David Shepherd donates painting to Bomber Command memorial appeal

3 Apr 2009 Daily Telegraph Architect Liam O'Connor chosen to design Bomber Command memorial

31 Mar 2009 Horncastle Today Memorial flight launch fundraiser

2 Feb 2009 Daily Telegraph Rare Second World War pictures go on sale for Bomber Command appeal

12 Dec 2008 Daily Telegraph Bomber Command Memorial Fund reaches 750,000

14 Nov 2008 House of Commons
Tom Harris MP today urged the government to encourage the setting up of a national memorial to RAF Bomber Command.

18 Oct 2008 Daily Mail Sixty years late, a wrong is righted as bomber heroes will be given a fitting memorial

17 July Essex Echo
16 July Thurrock Gazette

16 July 2008 BBC2 Bee Gee urges WWII honours
Bee Gee Robin Gibb on his campaign to honour members of World War II's RAF Bomber Command.

29 June 2008 Stars join battle for justice, Daily Express

14 June 2008 The bomber crews who were tested at Lord’s and selected to fight for England, The Times

SAGA magazine, May 2008
If you were a member of a Bomber Command aircrew your chances of surviving the Second World War unscathed were less than one in two. Of a total force of 125,000, all volunteers, 54,378 were killed and 8,408 injured. Yet there is no national memorial to them. If you agree that there should be, the campaign to lobby the Government to establish one by calling 01494 714 388, or contacting

By sending a donation to Bomber Command Memorial Fund, The Bomber Command Association. RAF Museum, Grahame Park Way, Hendon. London NW9 5LL.
All donations will be acknowledged.

16 March 2008: John Nichol backs Bomber Command memorial: Daily Telegraph

9 March 2008 Airmen killed over Germany 'deserve memorial', Daily Telegraph


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Other Memorials to Bomber Command

Australia Australia 23 July 2005

Canada 20 Aug 2005

Bomber County Lincoln Cathedral 27 August 2006

RAF Bomber Command Losses 1939-47 Vols 1-9, including Vol 9 Roll of Honour: WR Chorley (Ian Allan Publishing, 2007)

11 Mar 2009 New Zealand Defence Force
NZ Bomber Command Association Memorial unveiled in Auckland Museum

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